Building a practice routine

Sometimes the hardest part of taking music lessons is establishing a practice routine. Practice is the key to successful weekly music lessons. Often establishing a routine can be challenging for the parent, because they already have so many other things in the daily schedule.  The trick is not to lose heart. Just follow these simple steps to building a practice routine that will turn your child into a skilled musician in no time.

  • Determine the days of the week available to practice. If you leave it up to fate or when you happen to be available, it will probably never happen.
  • Set a regular time for practice. Right after school is often a great time before kids get distracted by television, video games, or friends.
  • Make practice fun. Sit with your kids and help guide them. Ask them to play your “favorite” songs, give lots of positive compliments for their work.
  • Have something fun that comes after the routine, reminding kids that if they get their practice done, there is a fun activity to follow. Some parents let kids earn “screen time” videos or games in exchange for practice.
  • Don’t set up practice time that takes kids away from fun activities. When kids are playing video games or playing with their friends, or even reading a good book they don’t want to leave that to practice their instruments.
  • Find your day and time and stick to it! Even on days when you are busy getting 10-15 minutes of regular consistent practice is better than none. Small consistent practice is the key to students feeling confident and succeeding. Practice will naturally lengthen if students are regularly putting in the effort.

Remember no matter what instrument is played – practice is going to make it all work and help the student to feel like they are having fun and building confidence on the instrument.


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