Exploring the Nature of Children and Music

If you have ever left musical instruments lying around where children can get a hold of them, you know what happens.  Most of the time, they will pick up the instrument and really have a go with it.  Likewise, when you give a child a musical toy, the same result usually occurs.  Children, by their very nature, love music and they love to make music.  Children and music truly do go hand in hand.  While every child is different and will approach music different, virtually every child loves music and will be musical given a chance and the right tools. If you understand how children and music correspond early on, you are likely to encourage your child’s lifelong passion for music.

 So what is the relationship between children and music?  Part of why children love music is that a love of music is hardwired into our brains.  Music has the ability to stimulate the brains pleasure center, or, in other words, it makes us feel good.  It’s no real surprise that children like banging on stuff (as every parent well knows).  There are a variety of reasons for this.  One is that they are attempting to make their own music because it feels good and is fun.  The second reason is that music allows them to explore their world around them.  Young children are very much about exploring the world around them and finding out what makes “this and that” tick.  In a word, children love music because its fun and allows them to burn off some of their endless energy.  For that reason, it is a good idea to put children and music together at any possible opportunity.

 Children also love musical instruments because most children either want to be noticed or want to be included.  Adults often forget how remarkably perceptive children are on a day-to-day basis.  They notice rather quickly that those who are playing instruments are a focal point of attention and are often part of a group.  Both of these factors are appealing to children and music can be used to keep your child learning and full of positivity.

 The job of the parent in this process is to encourage a child’s natural love of music.  This can be done by exposing a child to different kinds of music and different kinds of instruments.  Children and music are meant to go together. Given the tools and time children will usually explore music on their own and in the process make everyone a little happier.

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