Group Music Lessons

Group Piano Lessons for ages 3 – 5

Our Piano & Play class is SO much fun! Our classes are interactive and full of singing, moving, and playing music-related games and activities! We have a blast with rhythm instruments and learn piano basics such as recognizing patterns on the keyboard, call and response rhythms, the music alphabet, our finger numbers, and we learn to play just for fun!

This class has a maximum of 4 students per class, and we separate students into ages 3 – 4 and 4 – 5. (Boys and girls are typically developing at very different rates at this age, so we try to place students where we feel they will be most likely to succeed.)

As our students graduate from this class, we typically move them up into private lessons, or we may consider a partner lesson with one friend from their Piano & Play class. Eventually, as the student is ready, we will move them up to 30-minute private lessons.

Group Piano Lessons for ages 6 – 8

Group piano instruction allows students learn through positive social music interaction! It’s always fun playing with friends and this is the start! Students build a strong foundation in music fundamentals of note reading, sight reading, rhythm, theory, and ear development in this class. We guide students of similar ages in an enjoyable and creative learning environment that’s fun for everyone! Group piano lessons start at 45 minutes, and as students grow and learn, they often spread their wings and move into private lessons as they are ready!